My Love for Alliteration

My love for alliteration has reached an all-time low. This afternoon as I was eating my lunch I found myself scrolling through my Facebook friends, making mental notes of who I could marry based on whether or not their last name started with a "B".

Let's be honest, there is nothing better than having an alliterative name. I once met a man named Cooper Collins and couldn't get him out of my head for weeks - not because I was especially attracted to him, but because his name was impossibly sexy.

Is there something wrong with me or do other people think about these things too?

In related news, this might explain my crush on David Byrne.


  1. So Where do I fit in??? As having a sexy, alliterative name but not hubby material???

  2. Where do you fit in? You're one of my favorite people I know, so I'll marry you hands down, regardless of what letter your last name starts with :)