Book Riot's Start Here

If you regularly follow my blog, you know that I'm a fan of Book Riot's "Reading Pathways." Of all the fun and interesting things posted on Book Riot, Reading Pathways are my favorite. As a reader there are often prolific authors who I'd like to get acquainted with, but I don't know where to start. Often beginning with the earliest works and moving forward isn't the best route to take. Enter Reading Pathways, in which a reader who is very familiar with a certain author's work suggests a series of three books to read in succession to best introduce a new reader to said author's oeuvre.

Awesome, right? Well even better, they are hoping to turn this awesome idea into a book entitled Start Here.

What is “Start Here”?
There are so many fantastic authors and great books out there that sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin.
Say you’ve always wanted to read something by William Faulkner. You probably know a bunch of his books: The Sound and the Fury; As I Lay Dying; Light in August; Absalom, Absalom! Maybe you’ve even come close to buying one. But every time you think about it, there’s that big question:
Which should you read first?

Start Here solves that problem; it tells you how to read your way into 25 amazing authors from a wide range of genres--children’s books to classics, contemporary fiction to graphic novels. 

Each chapter presents an author, explains why you might want to try them, and lays out a 3-4 book reading sequence designed to help you experience fully what they have to offer. It’s a fun, accessible, informative way to enrich your reading life. 

Start Here will be available both as an ebook (compatible with Kindles, iPads, Nooks, and a variety of other devices) and as a printed edition.
Head over to Kick Starter to read more about the project and share it with others who are passionate about books. There are some great rewards for anyone who donates, even at $1!


  1. What a great idea! You're right, it's often intimidating to start reading a well-established author's work. My instinct tells me to "start at the beginning", but I know from following people's blogs, that this isn't always the best route to go. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  2. That sounds really interesting! I always have that problem, where I want to read an author, but I don't know which book to read first, so this would definitely solve my problem.