Electric Literature - Check it out.

I stumbled upon Electric Literature on a great book blog, Book Ninja. Basically, they pair new media with short stories in hopes of promoting the lost art of short fiction. Electric Literature is a glimpse into the future of writing.

Fiction transports us. It uniquely captures the experience of human consciousness like no other art form, revealing underlying truth and opening us to life’s possibilities. Like any creative act, writing fiction carries within it an implicit belief in the future.

Electric literature combines media and literature in a compelling and creative way. They maintain, “We're tired of hearing that literary fiction is doomed. Everywhere we look, people are reading—whether it be paperbooks, eBooks, blogs, tweets, or text messages. So, before we write the epitaph for the literary age, we thought, let’s try it this way first: select stories with a strong voice that capture our readers and lead them somewhere exciting, unexpected, and meaningful. Publish everywhere, every way: paperbacks, Kindles, iPhones, eBooks, and audiobooks. Make it inexpensive and accessible. Streamline it: just five great stories in each issue. Be entertaining without sacrificing depth. In short, create the thing we wish existed.”

The publishing revolution is already changing the way we consume literature. In an era of micro-blogging and short attention spans, it’s brilliant Electric Literature is transforming the short story using new platforms. To them, literature is what is important, not the medium.


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