To Read or Not To Read

Everyone and their sister (including mine) has read the Twilight series. While I don't have anything against YA novels, I do look down on mainstream literature, if you even want to call it that. (Unless of course, I find it before it becomes mainstream - i.e. The Time Traveler's Wife and Harry Potter.) So, I've been avoiding the Twilight series at all costs.

Err - actually just the books. I'm kind of in love with the movies. It's the 13-year-old girl in me. I've seen Twilight about six times and went to see New Moon on opening night. I should also confess I think about Edward Cullen multiple times a day. Is is possible to be completely infatuated with a fictional character? Yes. Do I wish Edward Cullen was a real person so I could do unspeakable things to him and make him fall in love with me? Yes!

Now that I'm embracing my inner teenage girl, heartthrob crush and all, I secretly want to borrow the series from my sister and jump in. Should I stick to my standards and shun Stephanie Meyer like I shunned Dan Brown after finished The DaVinci Code? Or should I give in to that teenage girl inside me and embrace Twilight like 17 million people have?

I'm thinking since I fantasize about Edward on a regular basis I already have given in to the Twilight phenomenon so my reading the books won't make any difference. That makes perfect sense, right?


  1. Read it!! You'll come to love it. They're better than the movies. And I'm Team Jacob, so we won't even need to fight over Edward!

  2. Stephanie Meyer is one of the worst authors I have ever read... Sooo disappointed you fell into this trap.

  3. Just to clarify... I understand your point about the actual story (sounds gay I know) but her writing style resembles that of a 13 year old. Just aweful.... yeah.. I read the first two books.