Recent Reading Developments

I am both excited and ashamed to admit I've succumbed to the temptation to read the Twilight series. After watching the first two movies and falling in love with Edward I had to pick up the books. I'm currently on the third novel and am delightfully engrossed in the suspenseful romance Stephanie Meyer has created. Yes it's corny and no the series won't change my life, but I am enjoying the story regardless of the ridicule I'm enduring while reading it.

I've also become inspired to create a list of 26 books to be read in one year - one book every two weeks - which I will start after I finish the Twilight series. I began compiling my list and am attempting to make it as well-rounded as possible to include books/authors I've always meant to read and haven't yet, classics and a little non-fiction. Suggestions welcome!

Lastly, I'm going to get a library card already. I'm pretty sure it's a requirement somewhere that every English major have one.

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