Reading in Review: July

July was a super social month for me. Parties and get-togethers and cookouts and bonfires and festivals - all fun things that didn't leave a lot of down time for reading. I'm hoping August is less busy for me because I've got a wonderful stack of books waiting for me. Anyway, July stats:
Books read: 5

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein (2008) (review coming soon)

Favorite July read: The Bell Jar

Authors of color read: 0%

Non-fiction read: 20%

Non-American authors read: 40%

Books read that are older than me: 40%

Photo via Booklover


  1. I haven't read The Bell Jar in a long time, but I loved it. I'm glad you liked it as well!

  2. Good job on hammering some difficult stuff! Not the easiest month with Forster and Plath on the menu.

  3. I second Ben's comment. You've got some tough stuff there, congrats on keeping those reading standards up! I'm also impressed you made it through so many books while not having too much reading time.

    Love that picture, btw

  4. Yep. I can totally understand how it is. I just moved and have been doing so many other things that I don't even have time to sit down and rest for a second. Fall and Winter seem to be better. Glad to see The Bell Jar on the favorites list!

  5. I always expect to read more in the summer but various activities seem get in the way. I am glad The Bell Jar was your favorite this month--it's a great book!