Eugenides is coming to Boswell!

I'm super pumped about this one! Jeffrey Eugenides is coming to Boswell Books on Sunday, October 23rd for a reading of The Marriage Plot! You know, that book everyone is talking about that I absolutely adored. From the Boswell Books website:
What more praise do you need than Boswell bookseller Stacie’s enthusiastic recommendation: “Eugenides deftly delivers a novel of great thought and romance, using the languages of philosophy, literature and theology to astutely explore the labyrinthine pathways of the heart. The warmth, intellect and beauty that glows from its eloquent pages and immersive characters had me in tears by the end. It's been years since a novel touched my soul so effectively: I LOVED THIS BOOK!”
I am definitely planning on attending this event. I'd put Eugenides in my top five authors I'd love to meet, so I feel really lucky that he is coming to Milwaukee and I am available to attend. Since I received an ARC of this one, it's a perfect opportunity to buy a hardback copy and get it signed.

Boswell Book Company is located at 2559 N. Downer Avenue, Milwaukee WI 53211.

In a somewhat related note, you know that vest that Eugenides was photographed in for a billboard in Times Square (pictured above). The one that is basically the wardrobe equivalent to Franzen's glasses? Well, you can follow it on Twitter now @EugenidesVest.


  1. How exciting! He's also doing an event near me in a couple of weeks. We'll have to compare notes!

  2. This made me search him, and he's coming to Chicago in four days, but A) I'm out of town, and B) Tickets are $30.

    Haven't read The Marriage Plot, but Middlesex is kind of objectively good.

  3. Have fun at the Eugenides reading! How are you finding "The Night Circus" by Morgenstern? Cheers! Chris

  4. AWESOME! I loved that store when it used to be Harry W. Schwartz - I used to live a block from that store, and went to several readings there (JS Foer, Zadie Smith).

    I also just did a search and found out he'll be here Friday, but I'm not shelling out $30 just to get in the door. Maybe I'll see you at Boswell! ;)

  5. Very exciting! I would love to personally go to a Eugenides event myself.

  6. I am presently reading THE MARRIAGE PLOT just started and like it a lot. I will read your review when I am finished, I take it from your messages you liked it a lot :)

    I finished reading THE NIGHT CIRCUS and loved it...will not say more :)

  7. I've only read one of his books, but I definitely want to read more!

  8. You make me want to read this so bad!!! But I bought Corrections first, damn it.

  9. Christopher, I am really enjoying The Night Circus. I am nearly finished and I can't wait to see how everything unravels.

    Greg, I'm jealous you saw JSF read! That's awesome. $30 is pricey just to walk in the door... I would come to Boswell if I were you :)

    Madeleine, I can't wait to find out what happens! I think they will find a way to be together... or at least I hope.

    Leica, After The Corrections!

  10. You're so lucky! I checked and he's definitely not coming to Indiana, boo. I finished the book while I was on vacation, so good. Thoughts coming soon!