Orange Prize Shortlist Announced

It's down to 6! The Orange Prize shortlist was announced today. I'm happy to see a worldly range of authors:

Emma Donoghue (Irish) - Room
Aminatta Forna (British/Sierra Leonean) - The Memory of Love
Emma Henderson (British) - Grace Williams Says it Loud
Nichole Krauss (American) - Great House
Tea Obreht (Serbian/American) - The Tiger's Wife
Kathleen Winter (Canadian) - Annabel

Judge Bethany Huges said of the shortlist:
The clarity and human-understanding on the page is simply breathtaking. The number of first-time novelists is an indicator of the rude health of women's writing. The verve and scope of storylines pays compliment to the female imagination. There are no subjects these authors don't dare to tackle. Even though the stories in our final choices range from kidnapping to colonialism, from the persistence of love to Balkan folk-memory, from hermaphroditism to abuse in care, the books are written with such a skilful lightness of touch, humour, sympathy and passion, they all make for an exhilarating and uplifting read. This shortlist should give hours of reading pleasure to the wider world.
I'm going to put it out there that I hope Room does not win. I feel like it has gotten so much recognition already, I'd really like to see a lesser known work take home the prize.

If you'd like to check out a blogger who has read many of the 2011 Oranges, I suggest you head over to Jackie at
Farmlane Books, who has been following the award closely.

Image via The Orange Prize.


  1. Yes, I hope Room doesn't win too. I haven't read any of the other 5, but they have all gone on my wishlist as every single Orange short-listed book I have read has been at least worth the time, if not amazing.

  2. Can't say that I have read any of them to be honest but I will try and read the winner when it is announced.

  3. I hope Room doesn't win either. I hated that book and don't understand why it keeps receiving accolades. UGH! I'm hoping that The Tiger's Wife wins. Thanks for the update!

  4. I know what you mean about Room having received so much publicity, but I am really torn. It was my favourite by a long way and so although I would like a lesser known book to win I also would be happy for Room to scoop the prize. I guess that means I'm in a win-win situation!