Memorial Day Book Sale

I didn't need any new books, especially after last week, but since Half Price Books was have a 20% off Memorial Day Weekend Sale I knew I'd end up going and buying more books.

The goods:

The Wild Things, Dave Eggers: Eggers stuff is pretty great and this one sounds unlike anything of his that I've read. It's based on Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are.

The Shipping News, E. Anne Proulx: I've been on a Pulitzer kick lately and since I've never read any Proulx I'm thinking this will be a good place to start. The synopsis tells me it's a "vigorous, darkly comic, and at times magical portrait of the contemporary American family".

13, rue Therese, Elena Mauli Shapiro: I love finding new releases at Half Price Books because, well, I hate paying full price for a hardcover. I've read god things about Shapiro's debut.

The Brooklyn Follies, Paul Auster: Auster is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. We'll see if that's still the case after Brooklyn Follies. (I'm hoping it is.)

Total: $23.59, which is less than the price of one brand-new hardcover (money in the baaank!)

So there it is. I feel like I'm pretty well stocked for the next few months and I'm going to see if I can make it 60 days without buying any more books. Unless of course, there is another sale. They are just too hard to pass up.


  1. Wow. Now that's shopping!
    I tried to get hold of an ARC for 13 Rue Therese, but no dice, and I too have heard great things - looking forward to your review.
    Everyone in my family read and admired The Shipping News (a rare confluence of tastes!), so I hope that you find it a valuable read as well.

  2. I'm on a book buying ban until the Brooklyn Book Festival in mid September! Don't know if I can hold out but so far I haven't spent money on a book since April 15!

    which isn't to say I haven't acquired some for free *whistles innocently*

  3. BAM, just like that. Good loot ma'am. I have seen the movie for The Shipping News. It has one of the most disturbing/humorous scene I've ever watched. I'll ask you afterward if it was in the novel.

  4. Back in April when I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more books until June, I bought two more the very next day...and have since bought six more. It's a sickness, but I don't really want the cure!

  5. Laurie, I lucked out on The Shipping News - I found it on the clearance section for $2, and after the 20% off it came to $1.60. Can't really beat that.

    booklush, That's a great start! Nearly two months...

    Ben, Sounds good. I won't let you forget. Also, on the Auster front, I haven't forgotten that you told me to read Moon Palace. I've been keeping my eye out for a decent copy but until I find one, I couldn't pass up Brooklyn Follies.

    Questionable Housekeeping, I think I'll be able to hold out a little longer than you, but there is no telling how much longer.

  6. Well done! I also got seduced by that sale--got 3 Barbara Pym books, 3 Agatha Christies (it's getting hard to find ones I don't have now), and a couple other ones for $12...would have gotten more, but my friend was ready to go. hahahah.

    I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of these, especially Shipping News

  7. I so want to read 13 rue Therese. Hope you enjoy it!

  8. I'm really interested in your Pulitzer kick.

  9. I love the sound of Eggers The Wild Things, and the cover is so great! Can't wait to see how it goes...