Amazon Thinks I'm Fat.

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Dear Amazon, 

Are you trying to tell me something? I haven't looked at weight loss books ever, so I can't help but wonder why you are recommending them to me. Maybe you are worried I may put on a little winter weight. You're lucky I'm skinny, or I might consider these recommendations to be offensive. 

Please explain.



  1. Amazon is getting very judge-y

  2. Red, Seriously! Maybe Amazon is the one who needs to lose some weight :)

    Coffee, Hehe I know I thought it was funny too!

  3. That is too funny! I would start to wonder if they were using my computer camera without my knowledge!

  4. Damn them! George Bush's memoir showed up on my recommendations today. I laughed, then I cried, then went to bn.com.

  5. Lisa, I never thought of that!

    Greg, Wow! I think I would have done the same thing. Dirty George Bush. Let's boycott Amazon for their outlandish recommendations.

  6. Oh, Amazon, get it together! It seems like they're taking after Youtube with their recommendations.

  7. Amazon: Catering to Americans. URGING US TO CONFORM!
    (shakes head) Shame on you Amazon.
    By the by, I've discovered your blog and it looks very entertaining! I'll be back.

  8. boo to amazon. if they really knew you brenna, they would be recommending books like 'how to win the amazing race' and 'true late stories about cab hailing'

  9. It is very simple.

    Brenna is a female name. +1 to tracking cookies.
    Anything your have ever searched gets added to that, for example, a search on a low calorie meal to cook. +10 to tracking cookies.

    The internet knows how to work you, so to combat this you need to know how the internet works. I can make this disappear as long as you give me your banking info and the maiden name of your mother.

    No, but seriously. I've got some tips for you because you haven't been protecting yourself. This is why this stuff happens.

    You know how to reach me.


  10. LOL. They keep recommending me books on house plumbing and carpentry. Who knows??

  11. Tracking cookies are the devil. Every add on the web sites I go are trying to sell me:

    1)Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen

    2)A video game

    3)Glittery UFC shirts

    I agree it's depressing. Keep your head up Brenna. Don't let Amazon win.

  12. history, i know!

    Chutzpah, Thanks for stopping by!

    Vanessa, You are too funny. That could NOT be more true!

    Eric, That's scary.

    Leica, Too funny!

    Ben, I won't! I won't let them win!

  13. Amazon amuses me - sometimes I get recommendations for books I love and already have (but have bought elsewhere) but other times I'm pretty sure they're just picking out random popular books that they'll assume I'll like. I tend to ignore recommendations anyway, because more often than not it tempts me to browse and spend money I don't have!

  14. Bethany, I do too. And I rarely buy anything from Amazon.