The Missing Statues - Simon Van Booy

I've been interested in reading Simon Van Booy's collection of short stories The Secret Lives of People In Love ever since it was compared to Miranda July's Nobody Belongs Here More Than You, which is my all-time favorite collection of short stories. But, before I acquired the book I stumbled upon Van Booy's short story "The Missing Statues" via Fifty-Two Stories. (Read it here for free.)

This is a whimsical story, told in a tone that reminded me of a fairy tale, in which Van Booy captures the feeling of what it's like to be a child. There isn't a specific message van Booy relates in the story, except perhaps to highlight the importance of stories themselves:
"That sounds nice, and I like stories very much," the priest said. "They help me understand myself better."
Overall "The Missing Statues" is a nice story, but I'm not sure I'll be running out to get The Secret Lives of People In Love. Then again, he did win The Frank O'Connor Award for his collection Love Begins In Winter, so I probably shouldn't judge his writing on this one short story.


  1. "The Secret Lives Of People In Love" is a nifty title. I have no idea who Van Booy is, but I like his hair. Me do some research.

  2. The title drew me in as well. Not so much the hair though..

  3. Brenna, the story you read (which I just read, thanks for the link!) is not as good as most of the stories in the collection "The Secret Lives of People in Love". if you are interested, check out my review of it - http://thenextbestbookblog.blogspot.com/2010/05/secret-lives-of-people-in-love.html

    Some of the stories in that collection are simply breathtaking.

  4. TNBBC, Thanks for letting me know! I was hoping someone who read the novel would comment. I'm off to read your review now. Thanks for sharing.

  5. When you have hair, you can't appreciate the one of others :P

  6. Hey Brenna- If you like short stories, try French author Anna Gavalda's "I Wish Someone Was Waiting for Me Somewhere." I'm back in the US for a week and sooooo excited to get to the book store.