Another From Post Secret

One of the best secrets I've seen in awhile:

If you aren't familiar with Post Secret I suggest you visit the blog (which is updated every Sunday). Then, if you're like me , you'll start buying the books. It's truly a unique and inspiring project. 


  1. I love LOVE post secret. My favorite is from last year- it was from a woman who said "I buy blueberry muffins from Sam's Club every Sunday when my mother in law comes over because she hates them. I just tell her I made them." Ahh, passive aggression.

  2. I know Post Secret is amazing! And I've definitely seen the blueberry muffin secret. I think it made it into one of the books.

  3. I love Post Secret! The messages are thought-provoking and at times, hilarious. :)

  4. I always look forward to reading Post Secret on Sunday's! I have a few of the books as well! Love it!


  5. Hi, I'm visiting from the Hop. I like those Post Secret books. This one is great! Love that Jane.

  6. Hi, I found you one the hop. I am doing a beach bag giveaway package on my book blog site too. I hope you hop by and check it out and enter.
    Kelly Bookend Diaries