Letters With Character

A couple of days ago I discovered Letters With Character; a collection of letters written by actual people to fictional characters. It's a really creative idea for a blog and they cover a wide range of accomplished authors:

This site was suggested by the highly anticipated What He's Poised To Do (Harper Perennial, June 2010), a collection of short stories by Ben Greenman, an editor at the New Yorkerand the author of several acclaimed books of fiction. The stories in the collection use letters and letter-writing to investigate human connection and disconnection. This blog has a related mission, which is to allow readers to interact directly with literary characters. Letters should be addressed to your favorite characters and sent to LettersWithCharacter@gmail.com.
Letters can be funny, sad, digressive, trenchant, or trivial. We receive too many submissions to publish every one; we strive for a balance of genres and periods. Letters must be written by a real person and must also address an unreal one. There are no other requirements.

So, I was inspired to write hate mail to Catherine Linton (which I posted yesterday) and today it was chosen for Letters With Character! Is it super dorky that this kind of stuff excites me?

My favorite letter I have come across so far, written for Edna from The Awakening - one of my favorite books:

Dear Edna,
Swim. Swim like there is no ending. Is there an ending? Are you still swimming? I don't know because there aren't any more pages left. What are you doing now? Did you make it there? Did you come back? Did you drown? Drown. Don't drown. Keep going until you see the next page, please. And I'll meet you there.
Shome Dasgupta

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