The Summer Reading Challenge 2010

I stumbled across this challenge a little late but I'm going to participate regardless.

Hosted by Coconut Library, this challenge just asks it's participants to read 3,000 pages in three months. I like this challenge because my reading tends to slow down in the summer and hopefully this will keep me motivated:

What: A challenge to get you reading all through the season.

Why: So that you will have motivation to keep those pages turning!

When: 12 a.m., June 1st - 11:59 p.m., August 31st

Where: On your couch, at the beach, on a plane or a train... anywhere you can read. Check back here to let us know your progress. We can keep each other motivated by doing it together!

How: This season your goal is to finish 3,000 pages in the course of three months.

  • All pages counted must be from a book (no magazines, newspapers, etc). If you are reading from an e-reader or an audiobook check a book-selling site to find the official number of pages in the book. Use the Trade Paperback (regular paperback) format to count page numbers to add to your total pages. If the book has not yet been published as paperback, use the Hardcover page number count. No Mass Market (smallest versions of books, also soft covers) page counts allowed. E-mail or leave a comment if you have questions about this.
  • You can split the number of pages however you like. You can read twelve 250 page books, or three 1,000 page books (or any other type of combination -- it's up to you).
  • You may combine this challenge with other challenges you are doing.
My progress:

Since the challange started June 1st I am going to count the pages of each book I have read so far in June.

Wurthering Heights: 400 pages
Memories of My Meloncholy Whores: 128 pages
The Angel's Game: 544 pages

Total: 1,072

Woohoo! I am already a third of the way through the challenge, which works out kind of perfectly since the challenge is a third of the way through as of tomorrow.


  1. I just love that photo! I want to be that girl :)

  2. Do it! Go sign up at Coconut Library!

  3. I love the creativity and the encouragement for non-stop reading! Keep on!