2010 Summer Reading Challenge - Complete

I started this back in June and am finished! Hosted by Coconut Library (now Unputdownables ) this challenge just asked it's participants to read 3,000 pages in three months. I liked this challenge because my reading tends to slow down in the summer and this helped keep me motivated.

What: A challenge to get you reading all through the season.
Why: So that you will have motivation to keep those pages turning!
When: 12 a.m., June 1st - 11:59 p.m., August 31st
Where: On your couch, at the beach, on a plane or a train... anywhere you can read. Check back here to let us know your progress. We can keep each other motivated by doing it together!
How: This season your goal is to finish 3,000 pages in the course of three months.

So, here is what I read, June 1st - August 31st:

Wurthering Heights: 400 pages
Memories of My Meloncholy Whores: 128 pages
The Angel's Game: 544 pages Rabbit, Run : 274 pages
Water for Elephants: 335 pages
Glamorama: 546 pages
Bonjour Tristesse: 130 pages
Driving With Dead People: A Memoir: 323
Washington Square: 264
The Woman Warrior: 209
Oryx and Crake: 389
Zeitoun: 325

Total: 3,867 pages. Yay!


  1. I loved Water for Elephants!! Loved it!! And these are some pretty interesting titles that you have on here, too!

  2. I did too! I really loved it! I'm looking forward to the movie although I'm sure I'll be let down. That always happens when I love the book so much.

  3. YAYYYY!!!! And I like the new layout. =)

  4. Leica, Thanks! Yay for you too for finishing! You need to sign up for the R.I.P challenge next.

    Nymeth, Thanks :)