Shared Laughter

Reading now: La Chamade (That Mad Ache) by Françoise Sagan
Enough cannot be said of the benefits, the dangers, and the power of shared laughter. It is no less central to love than are affection, desire, and despair. 
Earlier this summer I read Bonjour Tristesse and feel in love with Sagan. La Chamade is shaping up to be right on par with her earlier work. 


  1. Since I've moved to France, I suppose I better "get me some" of Sagan – the English editions, of course. Of the two, Bonjour Tristesse or La Chamade, which one would you recommend to start of with? You have a beautiful blog, BTW!


  2. Samantha, I would start with Bonjour Tristesse for sure. It's really fantastic. La Chamade is also good, but the first is her classic :)

  3. Thanks, Brenna. And Ah! I see you have a review. Off to read it...