Ebooks: The New Homewreakers

"By the end of this year, 10.3 million people are expected to own e-readers in the United States, buying about 100 million e-books, the market research company Forrester predicts. This is up from 3.7 million e-readers and 30 million e-books sold last year. The trend is wreaking havoc inside the publishing industry, but inside homes, the plot takes a personal twist as couples find themselves torn over the “right way” to read. At bedtime, a couple might sit side-by-side, one turning pages by lamplight and the other reading Caecilia font in E Ink on a Kindle or backlighted by the illuminated LCD screen of an iPad, each quietly judgmental."
-Via The New York Times "Of Two Minds About Books"


  1. Hmmm, their description of bedtime sounds like a picture of domestic bliss, not a fight over the "right way" to read. The only fight I can picture is if a couple owns only one e-reader and both want to use it simultaneously. ;)

  2. Haha great story. The couple in the picture seems happy though. Or at least they aren't sitting on opposite ends of the couch. By the way, that campfire pillow the couple has is pretty sweet.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kathy, I wasn't really saying ebooks are homewreakers... it's just funny to think they make couples judge each other :)

    Red, I didn't even notice the campfire pillow but now that you mention it, it really is fantastic!

  4. Funny article!

    I have an ereader but I mine doesn't have back light :) and I'm allllways reading regular books :)