I'm sorry, did I just see you smell that book?

Rory is one of those characters who:

a. I wish wasn't fictional so I could be friends with her and
b. reminds me that dorky can be cool too


  1. If I had known that Rorey read so much, I might have actually watched that show :)

  2. I wish Rory was real and was my friend too. I miss that show.

  3. I'm so with you. I loved that they made her character such an absolute book nerd, yet she was very connected to other aspects of pop culture. The stereotype is that you have to be one or the other. Love Rory!

  4. TNBBC, I don't ever watch it religiously but if nothing else is on I find myself sucked in. Rory is awesome.

    Karen, I watch the reruns!

    Bybee, Me too!

    Avid Reader, Yes she is probably my all-time favorite television character. And probably the one I relate to most.

  5. This makes me miss this show (thank goodness I own all 7 seasons) and reminds me how much I enjoy smelling books :)

  6. Okay, that was just plain cool!

  7. Oh god I love G.Girls SO much, and Rory's love of reading is a huge reason why (not to mention the quick talking, hilarious scenes, and pop culture references). What a great find. I might have to steal this for a post with a link back to you. Great one!

  8. Readerreads, I may have to invest in a few of those myself :)

    Teresa, I know!

    Padfoot, Go for it!