Top Ten Bookish Websites, Apps and Organizations

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, this weeks Top Ten Tuesday lists websites, apps and organizations that aren't book blogs.

1. The Guardian books: Book news, reviews and interviews - The Guardian book section is awesome because it covers a diverse group of authors and book news. The blog is also a very worthwhile read.

2. Publishers Weekly: International news website for all things in the book industry.

3. The Millions: An online magazine that covers books, art and culture. I love their variety of book lists and reviews.

4. Paris Review: One of my favorite things about the Paris Review is that every author interview they've ever published is available online. The Kurt Vonnegut interview circa 1977 is especially worth a read.

5. Bookshelf Porn: I love a good bookshelf and this site is literally like porn for book lovers.

6. Goodreads: I like Goodreads because it helps me keep track of what I read in an organized way (by date, page number, publication year, etc.). I don't use it too much to interact with other readers - I mostly tweet for that kind of stuff.

7. Book Cover Archive: I'm a big fan of cover art. This site is an archive of book designs that are awesome.

8. wurdle: I've had this one on my iPhone for awhile - basically you create as many words as you can in a certain amount of time. The bigger the word, the higher the score.

9. Sporcle: "Mentally stimulating diversions," Sporlce is a site of quizzes that cover many different topics. My favorite is the literature and language sections.

10. Flashlight Worthy Books: Not all these recommendations can be trusted (I learned that the hard way) but there are many lists that have introduced me to noteworthy books.


  1. I love the bookshelf porn site. And I waste so much time on Goodreads, which is really addicting. Great list!

  2. Great list, I have never heard of a few of these. They look like fun and I will be checking them out.

  3. Great choices! Some of these, I already follow and others are brand new to me!

  4. Yay, Guardian books! I follow them on twitter, and they're always tweeting really really interesting things that I want to read. Also LOVE bookshelf porn... I want to live in a house made out of bookshelves (and sort of need to...)

  5. I forgot about Wordle and great tip about Sporcle. Thanks.

  6. Some of these I've never heard of. I am learning more and more as I check out today's lists.

    I'd forgotten about Paris Review. A great site!

  7. These are fantastic, and I follow several on Twitter. Just discovered bookshelf porn, and you KNOW I love that.

    Thanks for posting some new-to-me sites.

  8. Looove bookshelf porn. thank you!