Jen Campbell and the weird things customers say in bookshops

I stumbled across this gem yesterday and wanted to bring it to your attention.

Jen Campbell from this is not the six word novel works a bookshop in London and began posting weird things customers say in bookshops, a series of strange conversations she has had while working at the bookstore.

If you haven't already read these, I highly suggest you head over to her blog and check them out. I guarantee a laugh from it. Among my favorites:

Customer: Do you have any books on the dark arts?
Me: ...No.
Customer: Do you have any idea where I could find some?
Me: Why don't you try Knockturn Alley?
Customer: Where's that?
Me: Oh, the centre of London.
Customer: Thanks, I'll keep my eyes peeled for it.


Customer: Do you have a copy of Jane Eyre?
Me: Actually, I just sold that this morning, sorry!
Customer: Oh. Have you read it?
Me: Yep, it's one of my favourite books.
Customer: Oh great *sits down beside me*, could you tell me all about it? I have to write an essay on it by tomorrow.


Old Man: Hi do you have books on sex?
Me: I think we have a couple, yes.
Old Man: Excellent; I've had a hip replacement, and I wasn't sure how long I had to wait, you see.
Me: Right.
Old Man: I bet you could look it up on that computer there, though couldn't you?
Me: ... I suppose I could, if I needed to.
Old Man: Excellent thing, the internet.


There are loads more over at Jen's blog. Please go read them. They are priceless.

You can also follow her on twitter.


  1. Brenna, This is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes these convo tidbits don't seem like they could ever actually happen in real life!

  2. Oh, thanks for pointing me in her direction. Off to read her blog now!

  3. Beth, I know! But I trust that they do!

    Ilevinso, You're going to laugh!

  4. I now follow exactly two literature blogs. Thanks Brenna!

  5. Ahaha, I love the first one!

  6. hahahahahaha - that literally just had me laughing out loud. Thank you!

  7. Aren't these priceless? I love reading her "Weird" posts!

  8. Brenna - glad they made you laugh :D thank you for pointing people in the direction of my blog xxx

  9. Jen, You are very welcome! They are very much worth it.

  10. Having a busy time at the moment but still here reading if not commenting. I will certainly pay a visit to Jen Campbell's blog as these are priceless!